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I as a Type 1 diabetic of 14 years have spent so much time waiting at the doctor’s surgery. In the past week alone I have had not one, not two but five GP appointments and an Ultrasound, plus the numerous blood tests. Though my diabetes is well controlled now, HbA1c of 6.4 two weeks ago, it hasn’t always been that way (more on that another time).  And it is not my diabetes that is the current issue, well not the immediate concern this time.

Having type 1 diabetes – an auto immune condition, I am very good at picking up other things, i.e flus, colds, bugs. Right now I have glandular fever (thanks to my fiancé).  2002 was the year that it all changed, they found I had juvenile arthritis and neurofibromatosis and diabetes.This meant CT Scans, blood tests, rheumatologists appointments. This all to an 11 year old kid who was absolutely petrified of needles.

Prior to 2002 I was a really healthy kid. I liked to play sports and be active. I would never get sick. Never spent much time at the doctors at all. I liked it that way. Then came D-Day (Diagnosis Day 08.05.2002, not a day that you forget) and now I think that I have spent more time at the doctors then I have at work…. Just kidding…. Actually maybe in my time waiting I should write my memoirs or my university assignments….

When you have diabetes, anything and everything can affect it, AM I RIGHT? Stress, hormones, exercise, food, alcohol, house work, walking the dog. When blood sugar is affected than you have the added stress of bringing blood sugars up or down. It’s a constant uphill and downhill struggle. Over the years I have been told countless times by doctors that once you have been diagnosed with one auto immune condition there will be more. That always gives me something to look forward to L And that is why I am seeing the doctor so much now, testing phases again, trying to work out all of my symptoms and what is wrong now.

Has anyone else been told this rule of 3? Anyone else feel like they spend all of their time waiting at the doctors? Remember to comment below! And have a magical day – Ash x

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