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Let’s do this! Tips to help get you to the gym


I, like everyone out there I am sure, struggles with motivation to get to the gym.. some mornings when the alarm goes off at 4.20am I want to turn it off and curl back up for more kitty cuddles and wake up at a more appropriate time, like when the sun is up…. And some days that is what I do, but majority of the time I drag myself out of bed to start my day.

Everyone finds motivation in different ways, the number on a scale, the goals that have been set to achieve, the rush of endorphin’s from exercising, to increase self-confidence or the fact that you don’t want to let down yourself or your gym partner for not getting up and going to the gym. But even elite athletes have their unmotivated days. So here a few tips that work for me to get to the gym.

  1. Set goals – we all know that goals need to be SMART, so make sure you set some SMART goals. What I like to do is start a challenge for myself. I pick a start date and an end date 8 weeks later. I write a few goals of things that I want to achieve in that time. It could be a goal weight, go to the gym 5 times a week, run a total of 50km over that time, and complete a certain amount of repetitions of an exercise at a specific weight. Remember to also write them down. I update weekly goals as well to help work towards my end of challenge goals. Each week I write my goals on a whiteboard on the fridge so that I can see them every day.
  2. Keep yourself accountable – I like to keep myself accountable by writing myself a letter at the start of every challenge. I will write honest things about where I am currently at before the challenge as well as my goals. If I ever lose motivation I will read it and see the difference in how far I have come. I will sign this letter like a contract so that I am committed to the challenge
  3. Plan – I literally have to schedule workouts in to my busy schedule to make sure that I can do them. Once the term is over at Uni it will be much easier but currently I schedule them and stick to it as much as possible. I also do a weekly meal planner and meal preparation so that I am not too tempted. These days it is easy to find at home workouts online if you are too busy to get to the gym. I have my workout gear ready the night before so that I am not looking for it in the morning as well.
  4. Alarm – I leave the alarm in the corner of the room most nights so that I have to get up and turn it off, then I am already up and get to the gym. Or I set an alarm for 4.20am, 4.25am and 4.30 am. Odds are I will get up to one of them.
  5. Rewards – If I have a good week my partner and I will go out for a date night dinner on a Friday night, if not I will have more of a treat dinner at home, it’s not necessarily a cheat meal but it’s not meal prep either. I will also decide on a reward for the end of my challenge, this could be a new pair of sneakers, new gym wear, a new blender or treat myself to a massage. Rewards are a great incentive to do something.
  6. Fitspo – seriously it is everywhere, all over the internet, instagram, facebook, in your local gym, you can see it everywhere. I like to see transformations and follow a lot on instagram. Seeing someone else achieve their goals pushes me every day to achieve mine. I think “Hey if suchandsuch can do it then why can’t I?”
  7. Music – listening to music before going to the gym works wonders for me, it will pump me up for my work out and get the endorphin’s flowing so that I am in a good mood to go. Listening to the right song while at the gym too motivates me to lift heavier or run faster, this could be all in my head but if I really love a song that is playing while I am lifting I think that I lift better. Right now I love “Closer” from The Chainsmokers and Halsey and “1955” Hilltop Hoods.


Does anyone else have some tips on gym motivation? Let me know your tips and if you try any of these! And remember to follow the blog for more fitness posts.

Have a magical day – Ash x

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